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Cloud Governance with kloudsifu to ensure reduced Cloud spend, controlled deployments and security

8th May 2020 / in Cloud Governance / by

Kloudynet Blog

At Kloudynet we have had the privilege to work with some of the larger Azure customers on their cloud deployments and management in Southeast Asia. On the field, the questions we face as a team are always the same.

  • How can I control the costs associated with non-Production resources left running on Azure?
  • How can I have ‘always-on’ visibility to my Azure spends?
  • How can we ensure our deployments meet Azure security best practices, and how can we protect our Production workloads? How can I ensure ours or customers data on Azure is safe?
  • How can we ensure a controlled deployment of resources on Azure? Resources are deployed with an approval process. And only approved resources are allowed to be deployed
  • How can I reduce my time to deploy resources on Azure?
  • How can I ensure that the right people have the right access to my Azure resources?
  • “I’m concerned about data sovereignty; how can I ensure that my data and systems meet our regulatory requirements?”

On the Cloud (Azure in this case) the cost meter is “always-on”. Hence its important that only the required resources are always running and deployed on Azure. Cost is not the only concern for organizations who either are already running their workloads or are looking to move their workloads to Azure. The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework encourages organizations to take a more holistic approach and look at Cloud Governance to ensure a well-managed cloud. The five disciplines of Cloud Governance are Cost Management, Security Baseline, Resource Consistency, Identity Baseline and Deployment Acceleration

You can read more about Microsoft CAF here


Our new product kloudsifu addresses the above cloud concerns aligning to Cloud Governance though the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

The framework kloudsifu follows is as below

kloudsifu is a web platform which seamlessly integrates with your Azure environment and helps organizations enforce governance, limit cloud spends, and enhance security by using approval workflows and automated deployments. kloudsifu uses the Azure native blueprints and policies to ensure a cost controlled and compliant deployment even before any resources are deployed on Azure.

Below are a few benefits but not limited to we give our customers who are using kloudsifu to deploy Azure resources

–     All the deployments in Azure are controlled by approval workflows even before they are deployed. Saves cost by restricting only required resources to be deployed in the cloud environment

–     Integration with Azure Cost Management to apply advanced features like deployment not exceeding a specific budget limit

–     Auto removal of any dev/test deployments once the resources are not required, saving costs

–     100{242c517669925a073d705e22a169fb98ddbf0859d961064402a4c1a034274d1e} compliant deployments on Dev/Test and production environments with mandatory policies and security settings

–     All deployments use resource consistency so they can be easily managed, discoverable and enables repeatable deployments

–     Faster deployments to the cloud with automated processes

–     IT teams can focus on more important tasks while kloudsifu takes care of secure Azure deployment

–     All deployed resources are appropriately tagged for other reporting or chargeback purposes

–     Full visibility on who, when, why, for how long and at what cost on all resources in the environment

–     Deployments to a single or multiple Azure environment using the same deployment blueprints

The roadmap for kloudsifu is super exciting and we promise to deliver new features fast to help customers better manage their cloud costs, security and governance

Do reach out at sales@kloudynet.com for a demo and know more

Fahad, CEO, kloudynet Technologies