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A web platform which helps organization enforce Governance, limit spend, and enhance security using workflows, automated deployments through Blueprints, and much more…

Your Personal Cloud Assistant

  • For customers who have made the Cloud Journey, there are always a new set of issues to deal with  – some of which are Cost, Governance & Automation.
  • If you have ever asked yourself any of the questions below regarding your Cloud deployment, read on to learn more about how you can ensure a Safe, 100{9ee96c6d432e164aa8f1209d1934688fca0902a21c1f7400127c265baa8231f2} Compliant, Cost Controlled deployment.

Top Cloud Concerns

How can I control the costs associated with non-Production resources left running on Azure?

How can I have ‘always-on’ visibility to my Azure spends?

How can we ensure our developments meet Azure security best practices, and how can we protect our Production workloads? How can I ensure ours or customer’s data on Azure is safe?

How can we ensure controlled deployment of resources on Azure? That resources are deployed with an approval process, and only approved resource are allowed to be deployed

How can I reduce my time to deploy resources on Azure?

How can I ensure that the right people have the right access to my Azure resources?

“I’m concerned about data sovereignty; how can I ensure that my data and systems meet our regulatory requirements?”


A web platform which helps organizations enforce Governance, limit spend, and enhance security using workflows, automated deployments through Blueprints

  • Single Page view of All Azure Costs & Budgets
  • All deployments executed through Blueprints to ensure 100{9ee96c6d432e164aa8f1209d1934688fca0902a21c1f7400127c265baa8231f2} compliance to Organization Policies
  • Control Deployments through Workflows – Customized Approval Workflows to help control & Automate Deployments
  • Time-bound Deployments – Automated deletion of Dev-Test resources within given time frames, ability to pre-decide time frame of Dev-Test deployments to control cost over-runs